• Facts

    Name: Annelie "stickan" Stigsson
    Age: 33
    Occupation: Bricklayer

“It is a privilege to influence the development of work clothes for women”

Annelie began working as an apprentice tiler in 2009 and also had previous experience as a Bricklayer. Working in durable and flexible work clothing is very important to her, as she is often in tough environments where she must be able to move properly. Annelie says that on large construction sites, certified safety clothing must be worn, and she feels that the garments currently available on the market do not have a fit that is suitable for women.

- The clothing must withstand tough conditions and be able to be washed many times. It must also be versatile and certainly not too large. Thick sweaters are often awkward and T-shirts can be tight around the throat and feel uncomfortable.

Annelie wants, through her role as a test pilot for Blåkläder, to inspire more women to join the industry.

- Getting to influence and develop something that I and other women wear nine hours a day is a privilege.