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Robin Larsson #4


Robin Larsson


The start is really important. To get in the mood, I listen to music. Hard rock gets me pumped up and ready to go. There is no greater feeling than being the first one off and driving in the lead all the way to the finish line. It takes a good team to support Robin and to help him be one of the best in the world. The coworkers of team Jernberg Larsson Racing make sure that the car is in top condition.

This year, I have to prove to myself that I am fast enough to keep up with the best drivers in the world. The goal is, of course, to be able to step up to the podium as the worlds champion one day. Blåkläder will support me all the way!

Robin Larsson

Age: Born in1992.

Live in: Svenljunga.

Profession: Rallycross driver and truck driver.

Family: Mother, father, sister Linnea and brother Linus.

Main qualifications: European Championship 2014 Gold, Sweden Championship 2014 Silver, World Championship 2015 8th place and European Championship 2013 Silver in touring car.
Robin finished last season with winning the race in Argentina, a proof that Robin and his team are good enough to fight the best drivers in the world.

Follow Robins journey:
Instagram: @Robinlarsson4
Facebook: Larssonrx


Car: Robins car is a rebuilt Audi A1. The car is a four-wheel drive and has a specially built competition engine of 600 hp. The car does 0-100 in 2,1 seconds.

Did you know that... a rallycross car together with the driver, must not weigh more than 1300 kg!

World Championship races 2016
24-26th April: Mont Alegre, Portugal
6-8th May: Hockeinheim, Germany
13-15th May: Mettet, Belgium
27-29th May: Lydden Hill, Great Britain
10-12th June: Hell, Norway
1-3rd July: Höljes, Sweden
5-7th August: GP3R, Canada
2-4th September: Loheac, France
16-18th September: Barcelona, Spain
30th Sept-2nd Oct: Riga, Latvia
14-16th October:, Germany
25-27th November: San Luis, Argentina